Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Application Closed for Ikebana Gallery Award 2014

Thank you for your support for the Ikebana Gallery Award in 2014. Applications for the award closed on 30 June 2014. 

The five finalists will be announced in this blog in July. Then our distinguished panel of judges will select the winner in August. 

This is our third year to run this competition. We are pleased know that more Ikebana teachers encouraged their students to take part in this annual event. 

As an Ikebana teacher teaching outside Japan, I am aware some important issues that many Ikebana students face overseas, such as a lack of opportunities to participate in exhibitions or competitions and to access good quality training. In addition, it is so rare for Ikebana students to have their works judged by art specialists for free.    

We believe that the Ikebana Gallery Award provides many Ikebana students with a great opportunity. Although our committee works hard to run this event rigidly, we hope that this will be a friendly, fun and casual event for all participants.   

We hope even more Ikebana students will join this competition next year. Applications for the 2015 Ikebana Gallery Australia Award started on 1 July 2014 and will close 30 June 2015. See the details in Award page in this blog and start sending your works. 

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Shoso Shimbo, PhD
Ikebana Gallery Award



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