First International Online Ikebana Competition
Ikebana Gallery Award 2020

Ikebana Gallery Award provides Ikebana students around the world with opportunities to be reviewed their works by art specialists as well as tens thousands of internet users for free. This project has been recognised as significant in the history of Ikebana.

Eligibility to Participate: The award is open to Ikebana students who are studying Ikebana for no more than 5 years. Entries by Ikebana teachers are not accepted. See FAQ for more details.

Entry Fee: Free

Entry - Up to 6 Works Each Quarter: One student can submit up to 6 works in each quarter (3 months). We welcome entry by sharing your photo album of 6 images on Facebook. Simply share your work with Ikebana Gallery Facebook page, 

(2) By email. All submissions must include an image of work in JPEG format (less than 0.5 Mb), your name, address (City & Country), email address, Ikebana school, teacher’s name, lists of materials, a brief comment on your work (less than 100 words). 
Send the above to us.

Downsize you photo before you send it. This link may help you.

When to Apply: We accept entry 4 times a year, the last week of each quarter.
25 - 31 March
24 - 30 June
24 - 30 September
25 - 31 December
We welcome your post to Ikebana Gallery Facebook Page all year around, but only the works posted during the duration specified above are eligible for the award.

Key Dates:
24 June 2020: Starting date for entries for the Ikebana GalleryAward, June 2020 quarter.   
30 June 2020: Closing date for entries for the Ikebana GalleryAward, June 2020 quarter. Our committee will select Semi-finalists from this quarter.    
July 2020: Simi-finalists selected from the works posted from July 2019 to June 2020 will be announced.  
Late July 2020: Five finalists will be announced on the blog.
August 2020: Winner announced.

Selection Process: The Ikebana Gallery Award Committee will select five finalists from the works posted on the blog and the facebook. Our judges will choose the winner from the finalists.

Privacy: If there is any items that you do not wish to be published, please state so clearly. We use your first name for our blog post, but your full name will be published if you win the award. We don't publish your email address nor address.

Award: The winner will receive a certificate (PDF file). In addition to the Ikebana Gallery Award, we have started the Ikebana Gallery People's Choice Award. We will encourage people to choose their favourites out of our semi-finalists in public through Facebook.

Sponsors: The Ikebana Gallery is looking for sponsors for this award. If interested, please contact us.

Any Question?: See FAQ.

Our Judges:

Dr Yutaka Mino: the Director - Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, the Vice Chairman - Sotheby’s North America, the Chief Executive Director - the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa & the Honorary Director - Osaka Municipal Museum of Art.

Ken Smith: Artist, Former Lecturer in Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University, Melbourne.

Lesley Kehoe: Director, Lesley Kehoe Galleries.

Susan Renouf: Adjunct Professor of RMIT University in Fashion & Textiles.

Hiroe Swen: Ceramic artist, Former Lecturer in Ceramics at the Australian National University Institute of the Arts.

Dr Yoshiho Kobayashi: Associate Professor of Otemon Gakuin University, President of International Society of Ikebana Studies.

Dr Osamu Inoue: Associate Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design, Vice president of International Society of Ikebana Studies.