Tuesday 5 May 2020

Ikebana Gallery Award Committee 2020

We are pleased to announce that the following Ikebana teachers have been appointed as Ikebana Gallery Award Committee Members 2020. We appreciate their valuable contribution for the future of Ikebana. 

Ivy Le Maguer - France
Ilse Beunen - Belgium
Catherine Kirkland - South Africa
Irene Gomulk - USA
Yuichiro Hinata - Japan
Mario Ryō Ryū Sons - Italy
KidChing Ong - Malaysia
Ekaterina Seehaus - Belgium
Purnima shah - India
Naomi Cullen - Australia
Akemi Suzuki - Australia
Shoto Duke - Australia
Shokai Ikebana - Australia
Dr Leonard Lim - Associate Director
Shoan  Lo - Associate Director
Shoso Shimbo - Director

Note for committee members: Please check your information in this post. If you find any errors or things to change, please let us know.