Friday, 12 August 2016

People's Choice Award 2016

Thank you very much for voting for the Ikebana Gallery People's Choice Award 2016. We are pleased to announce that the winner is Pang Wai King in Hong Kong. Congratulations!
Pang will receive our certificate shortly.

Lists of materials: chrysanthemum, Buttercup/Peony, Sea Holly, Bamboo 

A brief comment: Bamboo and green chrysanthemum are very match, they brought up strongly on the sense of Chinese culture. Added on the baby bamboo leaves and branches which made the work with dynamic. Lastly, a yellow peony as the focus made the highlight of the entire ikebana.  

Her work received the largest number of LIKEs by 10 August 2016 in our facebook page. Also so many people shared our semifinal works and made encouraging and warm comments on them. Thank you very much.