Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Welcome: Our New Committee Member!


We are pleased to welcome Ms Ivy Le Maguer (France) as our new committee member. Senior Professor of the Ikenobo Society of Floral Art (Kyoto, Japan), Ivy LE MAGUER holds the title of Fukusokatoku, 17th of 18 ranks.

Group leader of the IKENOBO BRETAGNE-FRANCE STUDY GROUP, Le Maguer sensei actively promotes Ikenobo ikebana via classes as well as workshops and gives demonstrations, conferences in France and overseas.

Disciple of KADO “the Path of Flowers”, Le Maguer sensei firmly believes in life-long learning as well as in the practice of the values embodied by KADO : Modesty, Humility, Perseverance and Generosity.

We hope many of her students will join Ikebana Gallery Award!