Friday, 3 July 2020

Semi-Finalists for the Ikebana Gallery Award 2020, June 2020 Quarter

 The Ikebana Gallery Award Committee is pleased to announce that the following works have been selected as semi-finalists of the Ikebana Gallery Award 2020 for the June quarter 2020. 

Congratulations to the students whose works have been selected for the semi-final. 

If you have not sent us your details and a list of materials for your work (check our Award page,, please contact us soon,
Please also contact us if you have been selected but you are not eligible for this award. 

If we don't hear from you,  your work may not be considered for selection for the finalists. 

In August 2020, the finalists will be selected from the semi-finalists' works, and will be sent to our special judges.  

Thank you all the Ikebana students who contributed this quarter. 

We will accept entries for the Ikebana Gallery Award 2021 four times a year. The first period to enter is from 24 to 30 September 2020. We hope to receive more of your works toward the Ikebana Gallery Award 2021.